In brief

WhichSchool? is the premium guide to private schools in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, with 10,000 copies distributed per edition in each of these target states.

Today’s parents inform themselves on their education choices through a wide variety of media, including websites, mobile apps, print magazines and more. As a result WhichSchool? engages all of these channels to allow time-poor parents to access up-to-date knowledge wherever they choose.

WhichSchool? also works to complement Prime Creative Media’s other education title, Education Matters – a resource designed to act as an authoritative buyer’s guide for education decision makers at both Primary and Secondary levels. Together, WhichSchool? and Education Matters represent the entire K-12 education system.

Producing premium guides to private schools in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland which enables parents to make an informed educational decision for their children remains the central focus of WhichSchool? magazine and its digital platform,

Rhiannon Bowman - Editor


Victoria print circulation

8,450+ Subscribers

Print magazine frequency


Queensland print circulation

7,900+ Subscribers

Average yearly page views

52,000+ Viewers

Target audience​

Parents, Legal Guardians and Education Professionals

New South Wales print circulation

7,200+ Subscribers

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WhichSchool? Magazine is a premium guide to private schools in select Australian states. The magazine is available at key distribution points to target audiences. The magazine takes pride in providing an active, relevant platform for schools to engage with and communicate to parents in a way that fits their brand and core values.


School Compare is Australia’s top database and search tool of non-government schools. Parents can search by state or suburb. Full picture listings and catered text ensure maximum SEO. Listings include school profile, slide show and a one-minute video option.

Digital magazine

WhichSchool? magazine can be explored in digital form, and as a great online tool to help compare schools in your area.

Social Media

WhichSchool? takes advantage of modern social media tools to distribute its information to key stakeholders, and stimulate discussion.