Prime Creative Media relaunch magazine Roads & Infrastructure Australia

Prime Creative Media is excited to announce that as of 1 August, it will be changing the masthead of Roads & Civil Works to Roads & Infrastructure Australia.

Publisher John Murphy made the decision to change the name, to reflect the growing role the publication has been playing in reporting on developments in the wider infrastructure sector.

“Infrastructure is quite a broad term, however as a publication and news source, we feel it encompasses some exciting aspects of Australia’s economic environment,” says John. “This includes everything from rail, airports, ports, utilities and transport to the future trends that will shape Australia’s cities and economic output in the decades to come.”

Further building on the magazine’s success, Prime Creative Media is pleased to announce that Roads & Infrastructure Australia will increase its frequency next year, publishing 11 publications in 2018.

Since Prime Creative Media acquired then Roads & Civil Works in 2015, the magazine grown both in scope and in reach. The publication has maintained its strong association partnerships with AAPA and AustStab, and expanding into a new partnership with National Precast, reflecting strong industry support. Prime Creative Media has invested heavily in a dedicated editorial and sales team, which is evident in the quality and popularity of the publication, newsletter, and web site today.

Robbie Parkes has been Editor for the past two years, and says that the magazine’s increased scope calls for the change in masthead.

“For the past couple of years, it’s been my pleasure to talk with and tell the stories of the leaders and trendsetters who lead the Australian road and civil construction sector and make it an exciting sector to be a part of,” he says. “The milestones, technological advancements and engineering achievements the industry makes in such short periods of time, even on a daily basis, are extraordinary. While a long-running masthead in the Australian B2B market, Roads & Civil Works Australia has reached a tipping point where the growth we have experienced over the past couple of years has enabled us to expand our horizons to move into different areas within the wider Australian infrastructure sector that intertwine with road and civil construction, and will ultimately have a significant role to play in the future of Australia’s infrastructure industry.”

To participate in Roads & Infrastructure Australian email Matt Carey