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Manufacturers’ Monthly is a business-to-business magazine and a valuable reference tool for all members of the manufacturing industry. The magazine targets senior level & operational management and covers industry, management, IT, technology, and product news.

The magazine shares the most relevant and critical news for the industry and has detailed analysis of key issues that the manufacturing sector is facing in Australia. Manufacturers’ Monthly provides its readers with the essential information they need to make informed business decisions.

Manufacturers’ Monthly takes the time to consider the Australian industry closely and celebrate the success of local manufacturing. Editorial is carefully cultivated to ensure quality and relevance to the industry.

Syed Shah - Editor


Print circulation

12,000+ Readers

Newsletter Subscribers

12,546+ Readers

Monthly average page views

31,000+ Readers

Print magazine frequency​
Target audience​
Manufacturers, Engineers, Fabricators, MDS, CEO’s and Industry Leaders
3 times a week

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Recognised for its highly credible editorial content and acclaimed analysis of issues affecting the industry, Manufacturers’ Monthly has informed Australia’s manufacturing industries since 1961.


Manufacturers Monthly website is one of Australia’s leading manufacturing industry news resources. The site is specifically designed to be the community hub for Australian manufacturing industries. Visitors are encouraged to view and submit press releases, event listings, and products and services details, as well as read breaking news and feature-driven content from the magazine.

Digital magazine

Manufacturers Monthly is available for download from Issuu. Once published on Issuu, publications become instantly available to active readers in every corner of the globe on any device, presented in a beautiful, magazine-like reader.

Social Media

Manufacturers Monthly’s breaking content is delivered instantly through a variety of social media channels. These channels encourage interaction, and generate important discussions on the future of the industry. Manufacturers Monthly Twitter and Facebook accounts provide an additional medium that encourages maximum engagement with its content.