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Featuring hands-on equipment evaluations, and technical and business-development advice from leaders in their respective fields, Landscape Contractor + Landscape Manager magazine is not only a premium source of landscaping news and information, but also a high-quality and high-credibility platform for presenting to, and forming relationships with, professional landscapers, landscaping companies and their associated industries throughout Australia

Offering machinery test drives, industry news, product reviews, technical editorial and in-depth reports on business development for landscaping professionals, Landscape Contractor magazine supports the growth of this important industry.

The magazine has grown and developed in step with the Australian landscaping industry. It’s the largest, most authoritative landscaping trade publication in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tom Foster - Editor


Print magazine circulation

47,370+ Readers

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Newsletter reach

7,987+ Subscribers

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Councils, LGAs, state government, federal government, sports organisations, contractors

Monthly page views

4,000+ Views

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With an average readership of 47,370 bi-monthly, Landscape Contractor + Landscape Manager magazine is the voice of the landscaping community.


A constant source of up-to-the-minute industry news and relevant equipment reviews and landscape features,, in concert with a carefully selected suite of social media pages, is the daily resource for the entire landscaping industry.

Digital magazine

Landscape Contractor Magazine has grown and developed in-step with the industry in general, as the largest, most authoritative landscaping trade publication in the Asia Pacific Region.

Social Media

Landscape Contractor magazine has a strong social media presence, delivering its regular to news to a strong network of followers.