Technical requirements:

  • Only use email-friendly HTML elements
  • Email body should be 600px wide
  • Use Table elements for formatting
  • Structure must be mobile responsive
  • Do not embed any JavaScript
  • Some plain text is required to avoid being flagged as spam
  • A subject line is required
  • Body copy should be plain text in a web-safe font
  • Try to keep your EDM concise (no more than 500 words)
  • Avoid background images
  • Do not use images as a substitute for text
  • Images must be hosted online
  • Images do not need to be more than 600px wide
  • We can only accept Email-friendly HTML code, please provide your code in a .html file or as plain text.

Email-friendly HTML

Email does not support as many features as the web. When designing HTML for emails we are limited to mostly text-based formatting. To ensure your design looks good for the highest number of users, stick to HTML tags that are widely supported. Use images for complex design features.

This is a list of all commonly supported elements:

a: href, title, name, style, id, class, shape, coords, alt, target.
b: style, id, class.
br: style, id, class.
big: style, id, class.
blockquote: title, style, id, class.
caption: style, id, class.
code: style, id, class.
del: title, style, id, class.
div: title, style, id, class, align.
dt: style, id, class.
dd: style, id, class.
font: color, size, face, style, id, class.
h1: style, id, class, align.
h2: style, id, class, align.
h3: style, id, class, align.
h4: style, id, class, align.
h5: style, id, class, align.
h6: style, id, class, align.
hr: style, id, class.
i: style, id, class.
img: style, id, class, src, alt, height, width, title.
ins: title, style, id, class.
li: style, id, class.
ol: style, id, class.
p: style, id, class, align.
pre: style, id, class.
s: style, id, class.
small: style, id, class.
strong: style, id, class.
span: title, style, id, class, align.
sub: style, id, class.
sup: style, id, class.
table: border, width, style, id, class, cellspacing, cellpadding.
tbody: align, valign, style, id, class.
td: width, height, style, id, class, align, valign, colspan, rowspan.
tfoot: align, valign, style, id, class, align, valign.
th: width, height, style, id, class, colspan, rowspan.
thead: align, valign, style, id, class.
tr: align, valign, style, id, class.
u: style, id, class.
ul: style, id, class.
html: xmlns.
meta: content, name, http-equiv.
style: Editor::STYLIST_TAG_ATTR, type.
link: type, rel, href.

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Tools we recommend

Building Emails: Stripo

Testing Emails:

Download our example file here


Below are some examples from the web:

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