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“We’re so proud to see that the industry has come to rely on CRTNews as a trusted information source, communicating important developments in commercial road transportation.”


CRTNews is Australia’s most regarded digital news service dedicated to the commercial road transport industry.

Established in 2010 and now published twice weekly, it goes out to more than 12,000 high-profile subscribers who rely on it as a trustworthy news resource that can directly influence business decisions in the truck and trailer field.

Powered by Australia’s only dedicated trailer industry publication, Trailer, and the industry’s leading truck and fleet magazine, Prime Mover, CRTNews draws on a nationwide network of experienced journalists to provide readers with an unrivalled spectrum of proven and reliable information on transport equipment technology, fleet management and component design.


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Owner-Drivers, Fleet Owners, Trailer and Transport Industry Suppliers, Consultants, Government Departments.


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Breaking content is delivered instantly through the professional networking site Linked In. The CRT News Linked In Group encourages interaction, and generates important discussions on the future of the industry. The group provides an additional medium that encourages maximum engagement with its content.