Prime Creative Media is Australia’s largest B2B Publisher, specialising in integrated marketing communications in high-growth industries.

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Our vision is Growing Individuals, Organisations and Industries and we do this through our B2B platforms. We are focused on making a positive impact on the wider community by creating prosperity and opportunities for our team members.


We live and breathe our values at Prime Creative Media. Our decisions and policies are guided by our four values. The result is a highly motivated and aligned team that is vital for high performance, as we work towards a shared vision and common goals.


At the individual level we encourage personal growth and career growth of our team members. At the organisational level our success is defined by the growth of our clients and their customers. Our overall aim is to grow the industries we work in.


We work in an environment of accountability where we are given frank and honest feedback as well as encouragement and rewards for creating real value for Prime Creative Media and our clients. We own our failures and our successes, and learn from them.


We lead by serving our fellow team members, clients and industries. We aspire to be the best in our chosen fields, but don’t need to tell the world. No individual is bigger than the team. Success occurs when we work as a team.


We are generous with our skills, talents and resources. We give all we can and know the reward for effort will come. We are supportive of our fellow team members, looking to help others obtain growth and success whenever possible, which in turn benefits the collective

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Chief Executive Officer

John Murphy

Chief Operating Officer

Christine Clancy

Head of Sales

Andrew Morrison

Head of Customer Experience

Regina Fellner

Financial Controller

Brooke Jonsen


Sarah Baker

Marketing Manager

Natasha Thomas

General Manager - Events

Siobhan Rocks