Prime Creative Media launches PNG Mining

L–R: Prime Creative CEO John Murphy, Prime Creative sales manager Asanka Gurusinha, Minerals Resources Development CEO Augustine S. Mano.

Prime Creative Media is excited to announce the launch of the latest addition to its resources stable, PNG Mining, a new Australian-based business-to-business online news resource focused on the mining industry in Papua New Guinea and the surrounding region. 

As a premier source of information on the latest updates in the industry, PNG Miningkeeps readers up to date on news, trends and industry insights, including the movements of major miners in the region. 

 PNG Mining is a business-to-business online news resource focusing on the Papua New Guinea resource sector and offers a unique perspective on the ins and outs of the mining industry of Australia’s closest neighbour. It is also the official online news resource of the PNG Industrial and Mining Resources Exhibition and Conference. 

 Prime Creative Media acquired the PNG Industrial and Mining Resources Exhibition and Conference in July of this year, adding to its established track record in resources media and delivering on its brand promise to create the best articles and events that showcase the industry.  

 The Prime Creative events team, which has decades of combined knowledge and experience in delivering world-class exhibitions and conferences, will lead the creation of PNG2024 in July next year. 

 Prime Creative Media Chief Executive Officer John Murphy travelled to PNG in October to meet with government delegates and heads of top miners in the country. 

 “It was great to connect with industry leaders and officials to launch PNG Mining,” he said. “We had great feedback from these meetings and are looking forward to working closely together in the future. 

 “This online news resource will be a champion for the entire Papua New Guinea resources sector, so it was important that we meet with professionals and decision-makers from across the local industry.” 

 Prime Creative Media has a history of supporting the resources industry, with magazines such as Australian Mining, Safe to Work and Quarry, and this new online news resource expands that support across the Pacific. 

“Prime Creative Media is thrilled to welcome PNG Mining to its family of online news resources,” Mr Murphy said. “The resources industry plays such a critical role in keeping the world spinning. We look forward to investing in this online news resource and the wider industry to support its growth. 

“We are committed to investing the time and resources needed to grow this online news resource and its supporting event.” 

For any enquiries on PNG Mining, please contact:  


Jonathan Duckett
Business Development Manager
Mob: 0498 091 027