Prime Creative Media launches new radio assets for the Australian trucking industry

Prime Creative Media is excited to have relaunched its recently acquired digital radio station as Australian Truck Radio: The Voice of Australian Trucking. 

As the country’s only radio station dedicated to long haul truck drivers, Prime Creative Media has invested significantly since it has welcomed the station. Its new mobile-optimised web site allows listeners to seamlessly stream the radio station, and Prime Creative Media has also launched a new app available on Google Play, that will soon release on Apple.  

Producer Simon Smith has started working with Prime Creative Media’s leading transport journalists on new content dedicated to growing the Australian trucking industry, including updates on the latest news, equipment and more, to engage, entertain and inform drivers.  

Prime Creative Media is also dedicated to increasing the station’s resources and has brought in Business Development Manager Melissa Beutel who is 100 per cent focused on growing clients through Australian Truck Radio.  

This is all in addition to a $1 Million print and digital marketing campaign that Prime Creative Media has placed across its titles including Big Rigs, Deals on Wheels, Owner Driver, PowerTorque, Prime Mover, Trailer Magazine, and Fully Loaded, representing close to half a million print and digital readers. The campaign also includes editorial coverage, such as interviews with Producer Simon Smith, as well as leading voices in the trucking industry such as Senator Glenn Sterle, Musician Jayne Denham, Truckie Nutrition Chick Tracey Marley, National Road Freighters Association’s Rod Hannifey and the Chair of Transport Women Australia Jacquelene Brotherton.  

Prime Creative Media has also set up major partnerships with leading transport associations including Transport Women Australia and NatRoads, as well as leading suppliers to the industry including FInlease, Valvoline, and AAA Trailers. 

The results of this investment and these partnerships are evident. The number of listeners in a 24-hour period has increased to a record 15,000+ daily, making it one of the largest targeted digital radio stations in the country. With the upcoming release of the Apple app, and the ongoing attention from the unprecedented advertising campaign, Prime Creative Media expects listenership to more than double by 2023.  

A number of limited partnerships are still available, for expressions of interest contact:  

Melissa Beutel, 0422 103 119 

Business Development Manager – Australian Truck Radio