Prime Creative Media proud to support My Room: Children’s Cancer Charity

Prime Creative Media has been a proud supporter of the My Room Children’s Cancer Charity for the past 15 years, and we were honoured to be recognised on Channel 9 during the My Room Telethon on 23 October.

Channel 9 hosts Tony Jones and Rebecca Maddern emceed the Grand Final Eve Spectacular, that shared the extraordinary stories of brave kids and their families, paying tribute to the amazing volunteers behind My Room. The show has raised more than $6M over the past five years, including $2.2M this year, the highest amount to date.

As a volunteer-led organisation, My Room provides important help to patients and families affected by cancer. This includes financial support for families, medical equipment, clinical care, research and trials.

Prime Creative Media CEO John Murphy serves on the board of the My Room committee, and first became involved with My Room after being introduced to the group by a close friend. As a father of four, Mr. Murphy says he resonated with how challenging it must be for families to see their children suffer from cancer. He has continued to increase Prime Creative Media’s involvement with the charity over the years.

“If our team at Prime Creative Media can make even a small contribution towards the big goals of My Room, of increasing cure rates and supporting families while their children undergo treatment, then it’s well worth the effort,” says Mr. Murphy. “As I’ve gotten to know the amazing, selfless volunteers behind My Room, their values have been a true inspiration to me and our team.”

Prime Creative Media team members over the years have volunteered at the call centre during telethons, petitioned for donations at public events, and put together a rowing team, joining thousands of other individuals and organisations working to raise money for My Room.

For more information, or to donate to the cause, visit