How to stay connected to clients and still make sales during the COVID-19 crisis

During a crisis such as COVID-19, the industry landscape can be changing daily, so how can we best equip our teams to communicate regularly with clients and still generate sales? We share some practical tips.

Encouraging sales teams to make calls can be challenging in the best of times. Any sales manager knows that the importance of a high volume of calls, coupled with quality, in-depth conversations, are key sales activities. Even the best products don’t sell themselves, and a disengaged sales team can devastate a company’s prospects in both the short and long term.

In times of crisis, salespeople can be even more reluctant to pick up the phone, and in-person meetings aren’t practical. However, there has never been a more important time to communicate with the market than in times of crisis. Companies who remain active on the sales front will be the ones who come out the strongest, and marketing teams are more important now than ever in supporting the sales process. We offer these five tips to supporting sales teams in times of crisis:

1. Generate additional marketing collateral: Give your team an excuse to connect with key and potential clients with some new material. Now is a great time to refresh a company brochure or update your web content. Not only does it take advantage of some company downtime, but it gives a great talking point for your sales team to reach out to the market.

2. Bring a product launch forward: It may seem counter-intuitive but rather than delaying a launch until the crisis passes, consider bringing the launch forward. Engagement across digital and print platforms has never been stronger, with people working remotely and taking the time to connect with media. It’s highly likely that in this environment your product launch will attract even more market and media attention.

3. Support your current clients with case studies and industry news: Use your own company newsletters and databases to communicate positive news, and consider partnering with a leading industry magazine to offer opportunities for your clients to tell their stories to the market. It’s a great way to keep them connected, and your sales team can use those success stories with other current or potential clients.

4. Offer a webinar or other educational industry resource: Show your support for the industry by offering a complimentary resource, such as a webinar or whitepaper. The content is a great way to show your company’s thought leadership. By hosting it on an industry publication platform, you can generate publicity and lead generation beyond your own database, giving your sales team a quality list of leads to follow up.

5. Look for alternative marketing opportunities to events: Many companies find themselves at a loss when shows get cancelled or postponed. You can rework collateral you have prepared for a show by partnering with an industry publication on a product showcase, or organising a webinar for a missed speaking opportunity.

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