MHD Supply Chain Solutions to launch new digital platform next quarter

Prime Creative Media will continue its investment in the MHD Supply Chain Solutions brand with new digital platforms that will be launched from 1 October.

This will include a new web site and newsletter, both fully mobile-responsive.

The web site – titled MHD Supply Chain News – will be SEO-optimised, and host historical content from both Transport and Logistics News as well as Logistics and Materials Handling, further cementing the unification of these two brands. The newsletter, under the same name, will be delivered twice a week to a combined database of 18,869 for the launch.

“By bringing these two brands together, we will be nearly doubling the audience for these digital products,” says Prime Creative Media CEO John Murphy. “It is the next step in bringing a united voice for the industry, delivering breaking news and in-depth features to support its growth.”

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