Food & Beverage Industry News goes to 11 editions a year

Australia’s flagship food and beverage industry publication, Food & Beverage Industry News, will go from six to 11 issues a year from August 2019.

Acquired in 2016 by multi-platform media specialist Prime Creative Media, Food & Beverage Industry News is a widely read by leaders in the food and beverage processing industry, as well as those manufacturers and distributors who supply the industry.

This increased schedule will provide food manufacturing professionals with more timely and regular opportunities to share innovation, best practice and thought leadership across the broad spectrum of a this $131 billion industry.

Along with traditional manufacturing, processing, distribution and exportation of food and beverages, both foodtech and agritech are becoming more important as Australia not only feeds its domestic market, but increases its output for an ever-increasing world population.

To meet this increased demand food and beverage processors are looking to developments in Industry 4.0, data and intelligent tech solutions to improve processes and to meet the changing consumer demands.

“We are committed to adequately covering the broad spectrum of the food and beverage industry,” said Christine Clancy, Publisher, Prime Creative Media. “We want to increase our engagement in this industry and have more opportunities to cover the developments and growth in this space.”

“Increasing our print run by five extra editions a year allows us to cover the many issues that affect this ever-growing industry – from local, state and federal standards, through to new processing and manufacturing techniques,” said Mike Wheeler, Editor, Food & Beverage Industry News. “We will now have more timely opportunities to showcase industry best practice and to provide our readers with valuable news, case studies and information.”