Logistics & Materials Handling Magazine increases frequency

Australia’s flagship logistics and supply chain management publication, Logistics & Materials Handling, will go from six to 11 issues a year from July 2019.

Acquired in 2016 by multi-platform media specialist Prime Creative Media, and endorsed by the Australian Logistics Council and the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA), Logistics & Materials Handling is widely read by leaders in charge of the supply chain of Australia’s largest industrial, logistics, retail and commercial organisations.

The decision to increase the print schedule recognises both the industry’s growing importance and the title’s increasing readership, with print circulation up more than 16 per cent as well as the weekly e-newsletter increasing subscribers by 43 per cent since 2016.

This increased schedule will provide logistics professionals with more timely and regular opportunities to share innovation, best practice and thought leadership across the broad spectrum of logistics.

The next decade will be a crucial time for Australia’s logistics sector, as the nation’s freight task is projected to grow by 26 per cent as well as its contribution to the national economy to increase to $53 billion per year, up from $39.5 billion in 2017.

To meet this increased demand logistics providers are looking to developments in Industry 4.0, data and intelligent tech solutions to improve warehouse processes and to meet the changing consumer demands.

“We are committed to adequately covering the broad spectrum of the logistics industry and as this industry covers almost every aspect of our daily lives – from warehousing and inventory management through to distribution, retail and even customer service. We want to increase our engagement in this industry and have more opportunities to cover the developments and growth in this space,” Christine Clancy, Publisher, Prime Creative Media said.

“Increasing our print run by five extra editions a year allows us to cover the many innovations and developments taking place in the logistics industry. We will now have more timely opportunities to showcase industry best practice and to provide our readers with valuable news, case studies and information in an industry that is otherwise largely underrepresented,” Mel Stark, Editor, Logistics & Materials Handling said.