An evening with Drew Ginn

On Wednesday 26 September, the leadership team at Prime Creative Media enjoyed a dinner with Australian Olympian and multiple Olympic Gold medal winner, Drew Ginn.

Mr. Ginn is best known as a member of the legendary “Oarsome Foursome”, with four Olympic gold medals and five world championships to his name. Drew has gone on to develop a career as a high performance trainer, and is currently the GM of High Performance for Cricket Tasmania. His skills extend into the corporate world, as an Associate at the Melbourne Business School.

“We were privileged to have him share his insights into developing high performance individuals, teams and a high-performance culture,” said John Murphy, Managing Director of Prime Creative Media. “Having listened to and seen some amazing business speakers and facilitators over the years, I just have to say that Drew was exceptional in his delivery and the practical nature of his insights were inspiring.”

Mr. Murphy noted that Mr. Ginn’s turned anecdotes from sport, psychology, communication and business into easy to understand ideas that will help Prime Creative Media’s leaders move to the next level.

“I can see the lessons improving our leader’s personal effectiveness and grow our teams and organisation. Our leadership team was very lucky to share such an intimate few hours with a humble, generous and highly intelligent individual committed to personal growth and the growth of others,” said Mr. Murphy. “Thanks Drew, we appreciate the opportunity to listen and learn from you.”

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