We’re hiring!

Prime Creative Media is one of Australia’s fastest growing publishers.

Since Managing Director John Murphy started the company in 2002 publishing one magazine, today Prime Creative Media has more than 50 team members spread across two offices in Melbourne and Sydney, and more than 80 magazines, web sites, newsletters, awards, and trade shows under its name.

We are always seeking interest from motivated people looking for an opportunity where they can grow. If you’re humble, hungry, and smart, and are looking for a dynamic environment where you can contribute to growing individuals, organisations, and industries, then Prime Creative Media is for you. Key areas of interest are:

Sales – We look for highly motivated sales team members, who aren’t afraid of accountability. We offer a supporting sales environment, with ongoing professional development, working closely with the entire company to achieve sales results. Send through expressions of interest to Brad.Buchanan@primecreative.com.au

Editorial – Prime Creative Media believes in investing in quality journalism. We hire professional journalists and Editors, and produce all of our content in-house. If you’re keen to work with clients on quality industry content, in an organisations that values its journalists, then Prime Creative Media is an ideal next step in your journalism career.

Web Development – We are currently seeking in-house web developers eager to experiment with developing and relaunching our range of in-house news sites. We are eager to stay at the cutting edge of digital advances, and are looking for a motivated web developer with an interest in digital marketing. Send through expressions of interest to Christine.Clancy@primecreative.com.au

Prime Creative Media is a values-based organisation. We are looking for team members who share our values of:

Growth – We are committed to growing individuals, organisations and industries. We encourage personal and career growth. At the organisational level our success is defined by the growth of our clients and their customers. Prime Creative Media works to grow industries for the sake of all.

Accountability – We work in an environment where frank and honest feedback is given as well as encouragement and rewards for creating real value for Prime Creative Media and our clients. We remain accountable to those we serve and take full responsibility for our actions and advice.

Humility – We lead by serving our fellow team members, clients and the industries we work in. We aspire to be the best in our chosen fields, but don’t need to tell the world. We are confident in our talents and capabilities and put them to the best possible use for Prime Creative Media.

Generosity – We are generous with our skills, talents and resources. We give all we can to Prime Creative Media, our fellow team members, clients and the industries we serve and know that the reward for effort will come. By giving more we create more.