How does your industry consume information?

We take the time to sift through multiple industries and platforms to share insights on media preferences

By John Murphy, Managing Director, Prime Creative Media

Prime Creative Media has media brands spanning multiple industries and multiple information platforms including print, digital and social in the Business to Business (B2B) publishing field.

This broad offering enables us the rare opportunity to compare behaviour across diverse categories such as mining, transport, infrastructure, manufacturing, waste management, hospitality, education etc and compare the behaviour and preferences of each distinct group.

We have been able to track the engagement behaviour in two separate subsets of our B2B audience.

1) Firstly we have tracked the preferred methods of viewing our information from our leading industry websites.

2) Secondly we have analysed our audience preferences between all our information sources including print, digital and social platforms

This infographic with stats on audience preferences and engagement makes for some very interesting reading indeed. Take the time to compare the different engagement models required for different industries and communities.

The lesson is – one size doesn’t fit all.