Food Magazine relaunched as Food & Beverage Industry News

Prime Creative Media (PCM) has underlined its ongoing commitment to the food and beverage processing industry by rebranding Food Magazine to Food & Beverage Industry News in order to better reflect this economically vital and highly innovative sector.

Originally launched in 1985 as Food & Pack magazine, the publication has reported and analysed the huge growth in Australia’s vital food, beverage and associated packaging sectors, currently worth some $120 billion to Australia’s GDP.

The bi-monthly title was officially rebranded Food & Beverage Industry News on 1 March 2016. The electronic version now comes with a daily newsletter making it Australia’s one and only daily food and beverage manufacturing information source that covers all the news, views, and industry solutions crucial to food and beverage processors.

Prime Creative Media Managing Director John Murphy notes that Food & Beverage Industry News is now one of the B2B publisher’s marque titles and a pivotal magazine that will help food and beverage manufacturers in their daily business.

“We’re proud to present a medium that keeps up to date with the demands of this important sector,” says John.

According to Prime Creative Media Managing Editor –  Industrials, Branko Miletic, the new name better reflects the magazine’s position in the company’s diverse portfolio and also that of the food and beverage industry as a whole.

“Food & Beverage Industry News provides analytical feature driven content directly related to the concerns and interests of food and drink manufacturers in production and technical roles, and is the premium ‘go to’ source for the industry,” he says.

“Put together by our in-house team of experienced journalists and supported by the highly professional print and sales resources of PCM, Food & Beverage Industry News is now undoubtedly the best food and beverage information source in Australia.”

For more information about Food & Beverage Industry News, go to or call the editor on 02 8484-0976 or email