Diesel Editor Tim Giles wins Castrol Vecton Industry Achievement Award

Prime Creative Media journalist and Diesel Editor Tim Giles has won the Castrol Vecton Industry Achievement Award for his work in promoting best practice in Australian trucking and relentless lobbying for safety and innovation.

Presented as part of the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Castrol Vecton Awards Dinner on 27 October, the Award caught Giles by surprise. “I am absolutely speechless,” he commented. “Like all of us here, I am just trying to do my job, and part of that is showing the community how professional we are as an industry. We are better than they think we are, and we can prove it. We are the ones that make this industry.”

Drawing on more than 40 years of industry experience in a variety of roles in Europe and Australia, Giles has become “one of the most competent and trusted” professionals in his field today, according to ex-ATA President Trevor Martyn, who pointed out Giles’s recent win of the Volvo Fuel Challenge in the journalist category.

In his laudatory speech, Martyn also emphasised that Giles has recently been appointed the first-ever Australian representative on the International Truck Of The Year panel – representing Australian designed and manufactured trucks and the Australian industry as a whole on the global stage.

“Tim is not afraid to speak his mind and challenge the industry and its peak industry bodies when necessary – earning him the reputation of a trusted industry watchdog. In this role, he is actively involved in shaping a stronger, fairer and more productive transport industry in Australia,” he said.

Prime Creative Media’s Managing Director, John Murphy, commented, “We are incredibly proud of Tim and thankful for the work he is doing not just for us, but the industry as a whole.”

Murphy added that Giles’ weekly opinion piece, published as part of Prime Creative’s DieselNews service, had become a “trusted barometer of industry sentiment and emerging trends” that was important to promote best practice within the transport community.

“Displaying an acute awareness of what’s important to those in the transport industry, his commentary is challenging, yet always aiming for positive outcomes. He constantly strives to shift public opinion towards the benefits of heavy vehicles and the great contribution the industry makes to the nation, in print, online, and even on national television.

“His unswerving commitment to the industry and its people deserves national recognition and will also serve as inspiration for the next generation of industry professionals.”