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Understanding the buyer journey in B2B Marketing

By David Dodd, National Key Accounts Manager Over the past 20 years, Prime Creative Media has worked with thousands of B2B companies to craft successful marketing strategies. Too often, we have seen marketers organise campaigns around short-term sales targets, hoping that a blitz in advertising over 1-3 months will result in immediate sales. We first

The dangers of going dark: How your marketing strategy now will affect your market share post-COVID

By John Murphy, CEO, Prime Creative Media The current pandemic has put society in a mindset that can best be compared with a war time mentality. Many are scared for their safety, unsure of what the post-COVID world will look like. The same can be said for corporate sentiment. Almost all companies have been affected

Showcasing hero clients to promote your business (and theirs)

By John Murphy, CEO, Prime Creative Media The case study is one of the most powerful tools available in B2B Marketing. It’s the ideal way to explain, in a practical and tangible way, how your products or services work, by having your clients do your talking for you. It’s social proof to prospects that working